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A New Bathroom In A Very Old Home

Recently, we finished a bathroom in an old Victorian home. The owner was tired of the look of the tub/shower module and wanted a tiled shower.


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To our surprise during demolition, we found that years ago, a previous owner had sawn through all of the floor joists and many studs in the bathroom walls in order to get plumbing and HVAC through to the current locations. Definitely a case of “Do Not Try This At Home.” 🙂 We relocated the plumbing pipes and HVAC to restore structural stability.

Once the structural issues were covered, it was on to creating a gorgeous main bath for the owner to enjoy. To go with her original woodwork found throughout the home, the owner chose natural cherry cabinetry that would get richer with time, just as her house’s woodwork has. We also managed to strip her door on the bathroom side (previously painted white) and stain it to match the existing woodwork found throughout the house. The trim in the bathroom didn’t match the rest of the house, so we duplicated the trim that was on the other side of the door.


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The colors of the cabinetry are found in the floor and shower tile, pulling everything together. We even found a paint color to match one of the colors in the glass mosaic.

To maintain the openness of the bathroom, the vanity wall was used as an accent wall, keeping the dark color on only one wall, and creating a focal point at the sink. Also, we replaced the window that was in the shower with a waterproof window so that the owner can enjoy a nice, cool breeze.


Small Bathroom Turned Spacious

Along with their Craftsman kitchen remodel, their bathroom was in need of a serious renovation. The space was too small and there was much to improve in the layout. The craftsman style home was built in the early 1900s and the bathroom had its original mudset tile. The owners decided that they would like a walk-in shower rather than the cast iron tub that had existed. Countertop space was very limited to their tiny vanity and the radiator cabinet.


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Now the bathroom feels open and airy with a layout that recesses the vanity, toilet, and shower along one wall of the bathroom. The “banjo” style vanity top triples their countertop space and creates a continuity along the vanity wall.


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The slate flooring pulls in colors from the walls and cherry vanity cabinet, creating a sense of flow throughout the room.

The radiator and its cabinet cover were removed and replaced with a small wall radiator that is more energy efficient and space-saving. The homeowners found that they actually had extra space near the shower to place a small console table to house extra bathroom accessories as well as display more of their artwork, including the shadow box we created as a Thank You present.



The woodwork that we carried into their Craftsman Kitchen was also carried into their bathroom. The new window has obscure glass to match the original door and new shower door. Before the remodel, the interior side of the bathroom door had mismatched hardware and a board covering the recessed panel detailing found throughout the door. On top of that panel were several layers of white paint.

We managed to get the door stripped and restained to match the existing woodwork, bringing the old house character to a side of the door the homeowners had no idea had a hidden recessed panel.






Craftsman Kitchen

Inspired by their early 1900’s Craftsman home, this kitchen carries the character and detailing over from the rest of the home.

We managed to change the functionality of the space–storage, flow, and workspace–without adding an addition.

Craftsman KitchenCraftsmanship Shown in Craftsman Trim

This home had unique trim designs that we had never seen before. In order to continue the beautiful woodwork through the newly updated kitchen, we had to order new millwork and match the stain to the existing trim in adjacent rooms. With hours of working on it, we managed to duplicate the trim.

Our highly-skilled woodworker paid close attention to detail as he finished off the beautiful base boards and window trim. The homeowners now enjoy their window sills as a place to display some of their momentos.

Space Saving, Energy Saving

A great amount of storage space was added by replacing an unused countertop area and wall cabinets with full height pantries. The pantries are located along the main pathway to the back door. Due to their twelve inch depth, the pantries create a better traffic flow.

Another space-saving product used was a wall mounted radiator that doubles as a coat rack! Who wouldn’t enjoy warm coats in these Wisconsin winters? Now the radiator is away from the window where it was previously interrupting countertop space.

With all of the energy-saving products the home owners had installed, they earned a rebate through Energy Star for $750.


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