Monthly Archives: May 2013

2013 Spring Tour Home

After constructing a 2-story addition and remodeling virtually an entire house out in Shorewood Hills, we were all on schedule to set up for the Tour of Remodeled Homes. Much to our dismay, a few weeks ago a tree fell on the house.

This little 22,000 pound hiccup caused project delays on finishing up the exterior, which remains to be finished as we need to install a new roof, new chimney, window, and siding repairs before we continue where we left off.

Due to this unforeseen incident, we will not be hosting in the NARI Remodeled Tour of Homes tour in 2013. We’ll be continuing to improve the home during the month of June.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused to someone stopping out at the tour. NARI’s tour flyers were printed out before the tree had fallen.